Working with a Jones Act Lawyer in Galveston, Texas

As an employee on a boat, barge, container ship, cruise ship, fishing boat, ship, charter boat, or any other form of ship vessel, it is very likely that the Jones Act will cover you. This law will also protect even those working in offshore drilling rigs and anywhere near or in water.

The Jones Act states that all goods transported via water between the US ports have to be completed using US flagships. Furthermore, these ships have to be constructed in the US and be owned by US citizens with a crew of US citizens. It is with this law that the US merchant marine industry and agricultural interests are supported.

If you become injured while working on any water vessel, you will automatically end up as a victim of a Jones Act case. As such, it is best to enlist the help of an efficient Galveston injury attorney to handle your case and ensure that you receive what you are entitled to by the rules of the act.

Do your Research

However, you shouldn’t hire the first Jones Act attorney you encounter when looking for an attorney. It would help if you carried out some study to find the appropriate lawyer to represent your situation. By picking a legal representative who has the called for experience to handle your instance, you will have a far better chance of winning. In such cases, naturally, the legal representative has instead a number of the issues in his/her hands who verifies to be the favorable attorney for handling your instance.

When you begin searching for your Jones Act lawyer, it is always much better to choose a legal representative who has numerous cases in their hand. It signifies the legal representative is skilled and knowledgeable enough to deal with the issue in question.

Choose a Lawyer who’s Well Versed with Jones Act

You must make sure that the lawyer you choose is well versed with the Jones Act and exclusively practices Jones Act cases. This is because Jones Act cases are much different from regular cases wherein a lawyer who is not well versed with the act will not be much of a help to you in winning your case.
Only with a Jones Act lawyer will you have someone working in giving you everything you are legally entitled to if you get injured while working on a ship. As these lawyers are well versed with the Jones Act, they will be more than ready to provide legal representation for your needs and help you move forward in life.

Choose a Lawyer who’s Certified in the Jones Act

Make sure the lawyer you choose is board certified in the Jones Act to ensure the proper representation of your case. It would help if you also researched how many cases the lawyer has represented, including how many they have lost and won for their past clients. If possible, you could potentially get the contact addresses of previous clients for reference to find out more about the competence of the Jones Act lawyer. If they have a good track record, they will be proud to furnish you with the information. With these tips, you will choose the right Jones Act lawyer to represent your case and, hopefully, win justice for your case.

Jones Act attorney representing Galveston, Texas.

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